Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trade Highlights

After my initial post, I realized that another way I can keep some content coming
is to post the results of some of the trades I've made.  I recently completed
a trade with Howard from Wanted: Baseball Cards.  Howard is a genuinely nice
guy and a generous trader.  If you have some time, check out his blog:
Wanted: Baseball Cards
.  I was able to send Howard about 50 or so cards
that he needed for his sets and he graciously sent me over 150(!) cards for mine.
Thanks for the trade Howard! Some highlights:

Would the real John Smoltz please step forward?

This 1990 Donruss MVP bonus card shows the initial error version on the left with
a picture of Tom Glavine. On the right is the corrected version showing the real
John Smoltz which I received in the trade. These bonus cards were only found in
wax packs. It's interesting to see the youthful smiles here. They certainly had
no idea what great success the next 10 years would bring. Quite a run for them both.

2009 Topps

This trade also netted me a very large chunck of the cards I'm missing from 2009
Topps. I just wanted to highlight them by showing some of the cards that showcase
the outstanding photography with this set.

Juan Pierre laying out for a sinking liner and Reggie Abercrombie bringing a crushing
blow to Chris Ianetta.

Love the fact that they were able to get the ball in flight coming out of Barmes
hand as if turning a double play. Adam Lind no doubt connecting on a "Big Fly".

Reynolds going to his left to no doubt rob a base hit. Maddux demonstrating his
classic pitching motion.